Samantha Sweeting
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He Loved Her, and Sometimes She Loved Him Too*
Performance-based sound installation for two participants.
Richard Strange's Cabaret Futura, New Territories, The Arches, Glasgow.
Cinematography in Untangling video by Maeve O'Connell.
Performance by Charlotte Merino and Samantha Sweeting.
Camera by Kimbal Quist Bumstead and Chanh Hong.

He loved her, and sometimes she loved him* too is an interactive installation for two audience members at a time. Strangers are led into a dark room where they walk barefoot through a forest of fur, to lie in bed and listen to stories of love and heartbreak in the pillows. The space is animated by sounds of sobbing, breathing and laughing, intermingled with a short piece of tango, as a film of a young woman untangling her long dark hair plays on an endless loop.

The piece stems from an ongoing performance project, where Samantha travels to different strangers’ homes to fall asleep beside them in their beds. The private action is used to articulate conflicting feelings of loneliness, anxiety, desire and comfort, as Samantha and her date fall out of love and into sleep together.

Read Upon Sleeping With Samantha Sweeting, text by Anonymous

*The title is adapted from a poem by Pablo Neruda, in Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair.

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