Samantha Sweeting
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To You

I ask for your permission
You give it to me
We open the dialogue


I ask you for a copy of your key
I do not use it without consent
You trust me not to use it

I ask you for an object which you hold precious
I keep this object


We agree on a night and a day
I synchronise myself to your routine
On the chosen night I wash my body
We eat together
I prepare your bed
You sleep there – you sleep for me
I stay awake – I am awake for you
I stop eating
I take only water into my body

In the morning you awake
You exit the sleeping space
You leave the bed as it is when you step out of it
I arrive at the agreed time
We do not speak
We sit facing each other
We each rub our palms together
We hold hands for 8 minutes, eyes closed
You leave – you are awake for me
I step into your bed and enter the sleeping place – I sleep for you

You have a camera with one roll of film
You take photos over the 8 hour period after you leave
You choose what and when you photograph
I am in your bed for 8 hours
I have a camera pointing at me
It records 1 frame every 15 seconds
After 8 hours I leave
I resume my normal routine


1 year passes
We arrange a meeting
I return your key
I return your precious object
I give you something to keep
We close the dialogue

     <performance installation

I sleep for you
Multimedia installation for one viewer at a time.

The piece was based on a private performance ritual repeated 4 times, with
my lover, father, friend and mother, in each of their respective homes.